02 March, 2010



  1. Hey Matt,
    Thanks for posting this! Really effective documentary. I liked how they highlighted that mental illness is just as treatable as diabetes or hypertension, yet that unlike these conditions, numerous barriers like shame and stigma keep people from reaching out and getting the help that they deserve.

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I thought the same, although I think the real focus needs to be on everybody ELSE and THEIR views on mental health conditions. As important as it is for those that think they may have a disorder to seek and receive help I think it's important they feel like they could do so without fearing the social repercussions, ideally because there would be none.
    Convincing those with disorders they'd be free from stigma would be a TON easier if they really WERE free from stigma.
    Not sure if I articulated that effectively but hopefully you get my point. :)