23 February, 2011

End Stigma. Prevent Suicide.

Suspected suicides in the Army reached a record high in 2010; even more troubling, suicide totals increased among Army reservists and more than doubled among Army national guardsmen. The heavy stigma associated with seeking care for mental health issues, depression or relationship problems, and the often-negative results of doing so, continue to be major obstacles that can lead to more serious problems or even suicide...

Invisible Wounds Psychological and Neurological Injuries Confront a New Generation of Veterans

As early as 1919, doctors began to track a psychological condition among
combat veterans of World War I known as “shell shock." Veterans were
suffering from symptoms such as fatigue and anxiety, but science could
offer little in the way of effective treatment. Although there remains much
more to learn, our understanding of war’s invisible wounds has dramatically
improved. Thanks to modern screening and treatment, we have an
unprecedented opportunity to respond immediately and effectively to the
veterans’ mental health crisis.....

21 May, 2010

MU Public Health Week- Mental Health Day-

Masters in Public Health students at MU 

Every journey begins with that first step......


Every journey begins with that first step. - May 29th   NAMI Walks or NAMI-STL

NAMI St. Louis

We're almost there...The 2010 NamiWalks for the Mind of America will be here before you know it! We have 72 teams so far, but there is still time to come join us and help this be our best WALK ever. Our goal is $175,000 and we don't want to disappoint. There are lots of people counting on us for help. The money raised goes to help pay for education classes, support groups and our advocacy efforts to reduce stigma and ensure treatment is available to anyone who needs it. If you're interested in being a Team Captain and want more information, or simply would like to make a donation, it's not too late. Either use the links in boxes to the right or feel free to contact Beth at bethbowsky@current.net or call 314-489-3331. We're looking forward to our best ever WALK Day yet and would love for you to join us!

If you're interested please donate to/join with this team here and click on Pam Boelhauf's link. Thanks!!

17 May, 2010

Bring Change 2 Mind PSA

Bring Change 2 Mind

I saw the PSA for this site just a few days ago and was really impressed.I'll try to find it to post as well.  I think it's a great program and site as well as an important cause to support. Take a look!!! Bring Change 2 Mind

25 March, 2010

Prescription Privileges For Psychologists

I came across this blog entry of Dr.Mark Dombeck, Ph.D. while doing working on a legislative history of the subject. It's well thought-out, informative, and most importantly (to me) easy to read. A quick glance at other postings of his showed quite a bit of interesting material on a number of mental health topics His blog entries are listed here but I'm not positive on how to follow/subscribe/etc to just his blog entries on that site, still kind of a rookie at this. Anyway, for those interested in the topic I thought it was a pretty good primer on it, if a few years old.

PS- Just an FYI, you can click on my fish at the bottom of the page to feed them. They will swim around an react to the food dropped in to their 'pond'. Juvenile yes, but hey, it's the little things in life, right? :)